HFF 100 Percent Raw Honey

There is more to us than just cattle and that's no bull! :)  In fact, how about some of the most tantalizing wild honey that you have ever tasted?  Our beehives are antibiotic and chemical free. True to our desire to produce only the most natural products available, Holt Family Farm honey is pure to nature. 

Holt Family Farm honey is extracted, triple filtered and goes straight into the bottle. We do not heat or pasteurize the honey that we produce. This ensures that all of the enzymes and nutritional elements are retained in every jar.

The flavors of this east Texas wild honey are unique, complex and simply delicious! You simply just have to try some to understand  why we love HFF 100% raw honey in our morning  coffee and right on top of a hot homemade biscuit. HFF raw honey
is a healthy alternative to refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. 

Choosing a healthy food like HFF 100% raw honey for our family never tasted sweeter!


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