About Irish Dexters

Dexter cattle are the smallest of the European cattle breeds, being 
about half the size of traditional Hereford cattle and about one third the size of Holstein milk cows.  They were considered a rare breed of cattle, until recently, but are now considered a recovering breed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. The Dexter breed originated in Ireland. 

Dexter cattle have been featured in many magazines as the perfect solution for small farms and homesteads, as they require halft the space and feed of larger animals, while still providing excellent beef and dairy products for their owners. In addition, Dexter cattle are known for their gentle disposition and make great additions to any family.

Dexter animals are subject to two genetic disorders. The first being chondropalasia. This defect results in a full-sized bovine with dwarfed legs. The second is a condition known as PHA. This horrible condition results in the birth of partially developed still-born calves.  The Holt Family farm stock has been genetically tested by the laboratories at Texas A&M and confirmed to be free of both of these defects. The Holt Family farm go to great lengths to ensure that these defects will never be present in our breeding stock or their offspring.  

Our seed stock are registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association giving our customers the security of knowing they are buying the best quality animals available. While there are three colors of Dexter cattle: Black, Dun and Red. The Holt family farm specializes in breeding for "show-quality" red Irish Dexters only.

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